TRUFFLES each truffle is hand-rolled, hand-dipped and topped with a garnish as a final touch.  Only pure extracts, organic heavy cream, organic spices and organic lemon juice are used in every recipe. 

Milk Chocolate – creamy, milk chocolate center dipped in milk chocolate  
Cherry Almond – milk chocolate center in a perfect combination of cherry puree and almond extract dipped in milk chocolate 
Almond² – smooth, milk chocolate center including almond paste doubled with almond extract dipped in milk chocolate 
Crème de Mint – milk chocolate center combined with crème de mint flavoring dipped in milk chocolate 
58% Dark Chocolate – 58% dark center dipped in 58% dark chocolate 
65% Dark Chocolate – 65% dark center dipped in 65% dark chocolate 
Raspberry – dark chocolate center flavored with raspberry extract and sweet, seedless raspberry jam dipped in dark chocolate 
Passion Fruit – dark chocolate center with passion fruit puree dipped in dark chocolate that says “wow” when you bite into it! 
Aztec Spice – spicy, dark chocolate center made with orange zest infused cream, cayenne pepper and a touch of cinnamon that is delicately rolled in cocoa powder 
Mocha – dark chocolate center flavored with coffee extract and espresso dipped in dark chocolate 
Lemon Mint – white chocolate center softened with cream that has been infused with fresh mint leaves and real lemon juice dipped in dark chocolate 
Blackberry Lemon – white chocolate center sweetened with enough blackberry puree and real lemon juice sure to make you pucker!  Lastly, it is dipped in dark chocolate 
Nutty White Chocolate – white chocolate center hinted delicately with vanilla extract and rolled in finely chopped hazelnuts  
The truffles can be dipped in any color and possibly modified to meet your preference.  If you’re feeling a little adventurous and would like to try a new flavor, let me know! 
Truffle PRICES 
Truffle quantities can be one flavor or a combination of; however, combinations depend on availability. 
½ Dozen - $11.00 
Baker’s Dozen - $21.00 
50 Pieces - $48.00 
Milk Chocolate  
Milk Chocolate with Celtic Sea Salt 
58% Dark Chocolate 
58% Dark Chocolate with Celtic Sea Salt 
65% Dark Chocolate 
65% Dark Chocolate with Celtic Sea Salt 
Caramel Prices 
Half Pound - $12.00 
One pound - $22.00 
The bite-sized turtles are made with house pecans wrapped in homemade caramel and finally, dipped in your choice of milk or dark chocolate. 
Half Pound (34+ pieces) - $13.00 
One pound (68 + pieces) - $21.00 
House-made toffee coated with dark chocolate on both sides and topped with house pecans. 
Half Pound - $10.00 
One pound - $18.00 
Every cake is made from scratch and consists of two, 9” cake layers filled and frosted with classic buttercream and a thin layer of raspberry or apricot jam (optional). 
SPECIALTY CAKES – each and every cake, frosting and mousse is made from scratch!   
Carrot Cake (just like grandma use to make) - $28.00 
Two, 9” cake layers filled and frosted with almost 1 full pound of smooth, cream cheese frosting and your choice of nuts and raisins, one or none! 
German Chocolate Cake - $32.00 
Three, 9” layers of sweet German chocolate cake layers filled and topped with the traditional coconut and pecan frosting  
4-Layer Chocolate Amazing Cake - $37.00 
Four layers of chocolate fudge cake each stuffed and frosted with classic buttercream and covered with silky chocolate ganache. 
A smaller version – half the size - $25.00 
Lemon Raspberry - $29.00 
Two delicious lemon cake layers filled with a thin layer of seedless raspberry jam and fresh, raspberry mousse and frosted in lemon, swiss buttercream.  
Half and Full Sheet Cakes Available 
Wedding Cakes - custom designed to each order 
Please note that the above cakes can be tailored to suit your guest list by flavor and size.  The menu is not limited to what you see so please……give me your special request! 
Classic Buttercream 
Swiss Buttercream 
Italian Buttercream 
Chocolate Buttercream (classic, swiss or Italian) 
Lemon Buttercream (classic, swiss or Italian) 
Chocolate Fudge Frosting 
Cream Cheese Frosting 
Bavarian Cream 
Raspberry Mousse 
Chocolate Mousse 
Apricot Mousse 
Mascarpone Mousse 
Fresh Fruit 
CHEF KELLY'S FAMOUS CHEESECAKE – smooth and creamy cheesecake that will melt in your mouth!  Each is made with your choice of a plain or chocolate graham cracker crust 
Plain Cheesecake 
Lemon Cheesecake – made with fresh lemon curd 
Chocolate Cheesecake 
8” (serves 16) – $21.00 
10” (serves 20) – $26.00 
12” (serves 24+)
PECAN PIE - $22.00 (serves 12) 
This pie has a light, handmade crust and filled with a family recipe, handed down.  


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